All the Eternal Love

By Isaiah Carter


Victoria Miro displays Yayoi Kusama's latest installation.

 I had seen some of Yayoi Kusama’s work when it had been showcased in New York City during the spring of  2015.




 Arriving at the Victoria Miro gallery, there were two separate queues to view her artwork. On the second level, there were the familiar pumpkins that Yayoi has become known for.  Standing on the nearest queue, it took around ten minutes to reach the first room titled All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins.  You are allowed to leave your coats on the floor before you enter the room. The main room had a mirror featuring glow in the dark pumpkins, that you are inside for an allowed one minute.


  Narcissus Garden, 1966

Narcissus Garden, 1966


The garden featured a giant glass box and in the water had several metal balls. The giant glass box was called Where the Lights in My Heart Go. Stepping in the box was another timed event and you have to almost crouch down just to get inside of. The box is pitch black minus several little holes which allowed just a bit of light in.  Despite the lack of light and enclosed space, it's very relaxing and peaceful just standing in this entrapment.  These rooms weren’t built for a simple selfie. 


All images: © Natal Space