Approaching The Figure

By Isaiah Carter


From January 16 to February 17, the Skarstedt gallery presents the Approaching The Figure exhibition.


From January 16 to February 17, the Skarstedt gallery presents the Approaching The Figure exhibition, featuring a range of artists including the likes of Jeff Coons, George Condo and Rosemarie Trockel, at the upper east side gallery. Each of the artists explores the figuration art form in an individual way, from the cartoon-esque imagery of KAWS to the life-like injured deer  by Trockel, each of which elicit a multitude of emotions by revealing moments of awe and humour for those who view them.


The well-known Bear and Policeman figure, from Koons' Banality collection in 1998, epitomizes the unique way in which Koons' artwork displays human experiences by showcasing a imaginary combination of a cartoon and human world. The 7 foot sculpture magnifies the emotions of the viewer through emphasizing the parallels between real life and imagination as two opposing concepts.

  Jeff Koons,    Bear and Policeman   , 1988

Jeff Koons, Bear and Policeman, 1988


On the other hand, Trockel's 1990 Creature of Habit 2 (Deer) evokes a rather different range of emotions revolving around feelings of sadness, through probing the viewer's conscious. In contrast to some of the other artists, Creature of Habit represents the loss of life and so naturally the viewer is forced to dig deeper into their emotions by reflecting on their interactions with the world.

  KAWS,  BFF,  2016

KAWS, BFF, 2016

As a whole, Approaching The Figure displays an an array of both abstract and life-like figurations by a group of artists with their own unique styles. Each artist inspires viewers to reconsider their assumptions of the world and reflect on the meaning of the art, both within the scope of the gallery and in a broader sense when navigating through life.

  Rosemarie Trockel,  Creature of Habit (Deer) , 1992

Rosemarie Trockel, Creature of Habit (Deer), 1992

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