Destroy All Monsters

By Isaiah Carter


The Horse Hospital displays the band's most iconic images.

There’s always something to discover when one ventures around London. Wandering around Camden, you may stumble came the legendary Horse Hospital. It’s a staple in the London avant-garde culture and one would be pleased to have the chance to visit it.  

For those that are unaware of The Horse Hospital, it was originally built as the namesake says. Cab drivers would bring their sick horses to this hospital back in the 17th century. It has now become known for showcasing spoken word events, underground films, and art exhibitions.  To gain entry to the hospital you have to ring a bell and the entryway still has the elevated walkway to allow horses in.



The exhibition that was being showcased was about a 1970’s psychedelic rock group called Destroy All Monsters. The band was formed from art students from University of Michigan and named after a Japanese movie. Artwork on the walls reflected their skills as artist and the time period that they started. The band is pretty obscure but the information presented around the room can be very informative. 


Around the room hung many counterculture collages, makeshift posters, and flyers. The psychedelic theme was very evident in the artwork and on the projector screen in the middle of the room played art house films such as Grow Lives Monsters, Strange Fruit: Rock Apocrypha, Shake a Lizard Tail or Rust Belt Rump, and Clear Day. Two videos are shown with interviews from the band members that discuss their influences and the bands history. 

The Horse Hospital has a revolving door of exhibitions and events. If you’re ever visiting the great city of London or even live there and haven’t yet, it’s best to check out this arts venue.   



All images: © Natal Space