Future History

By Rhiannon Montgomery 

Two worlds collide and create an incredible collaboration.  

London's Gagosian Gallery is presenting Future History, a collaborative exhibition from Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh. Takashi Murakami, best known for creating the contemporary art movement Superflat, has collaborated with fashion designer and creator of Off-White, Virgil Abloh.  Fans of Kanye West will immediately identify the degrees of separation between the two. Takashi Murakami was not only the art director of Kanye's third album Graduation, his work was also used for the video of opening track Good Morning. 


Virgil Abloh was known to some as a friend of Kanye West, but little do the public know that the Civil Engineering graduate was planning his own fashion takeover. In 2012, he launched his fashion line Pyrex, which featured designs ranging from Renaissance style graphic hoodies to basic wardrobe necessities such as socks. His new venture in fashion Off-White, which launched in 2013, is taking the fashion industry by storm, and celebrities from Beyoncé to Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing some of his pieces.


As you can see, these two creative masterminds have collaborated to bring us Future History. This art exhibition really showcases their trademark styles integrated with one another. Utilizing Murakami's use of traditional Japanese art forms, the subculture otaku alongside Abloh's unique method of deconstruction, works well to fuse a unique and thought-provoking exhibition. 


This is just one of the art pieces in their collaboration that shows how their distinct styles have merged and created their own entity. 

All images: © Natal Space