The Place Is Here

By Rhiannon Montgomery


Nottingham revives an importantmessage.

Starting in the early 1980's black artist in the West Midlands had created their own art conventions to celebrate their work, their culture, and their identity.  This event became known as the British Black Art Movement and helped push forward a movement that had never been thought of before in this region. Several years later a second convention took place in Nottingham.

Thirty years later, The Nottingham Contemporary has decided to showcase this powerful exhibition. The exhibition titled The Place Is Here brings light to the Movement which may have been unknown to many. With recent political decisions taking place in the U.K. and the USA, an exhibition such as this helps show individuals that diversity and representation matter.  


The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, and video which adds to the experience.  The pieces invoke a discussion on how we as a society should view ourselves and what identity means to us.


Update: This exhibition is now closed.

All images: © Natal Space