By Rhiannon Montgomery

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A street-food style village in London.

Dinerama is a cluster of stalls comprising of a collection of street foods in a private, market-esque style. Located in Shoreditch, London, it has everything from vegan tacos to Caribbean food, wines, beers and gin.

Also known as Street Feast, Dinerama is the place to go if you want good food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere. With its diverse range of global food, it's a crowd pleaser, making it a good choice for groups.

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It opens at 5pm and is free entry until 7pm onwards, where they charge £3 per person. Arriving there early is definitely a must if you want a seat, having got there at 5 exactly, within 20 minutes it was already almost full. The long benches, as opposed to individual tables, makes it great for meeting new people.

The later it gets, the more the atmosphere shifts to being similar to a bar. The rooftop upstairs makes it a nice place for casual drinks, and with the variety of drinks on offer, it gives you the chance to buy independent brands which regular bars don't have.

The selection of drinks include vodka (FünkenPümper), gin (Gin Kitchen), rum (House of Bamboo), tequila (Contra Bar), lagers (Can Hatch), wine (Winerama), beers (Hangar Bar) and cocktails (Big Bar) and many more.


When it comes to the food, there is something for everyone, including those who require halal, vegan or gluten-free food, which is hard to come by all in the same place.

For Vegans, at the moment they have a choice of Mexican (Club Mexicana), South American (Petare), Italian food (Rust Bucket), and ice-cream (Chin Chin Labs).

For Halal food, there is also Petare and Club Mexicana, as well as seafood (Ink) and Caribbean options (Mama Jerk).

There is an even bigger selection for gluten-free options, including Petare and Club Mexicana again, as well as Turkish (Babek Brothers), Taiwanese (Yumplings) and Caribbean (White Men Can't Jerk).

All images: © Natal Space