The Avocado Show

By Rhiannon Montgomery


The avocado addiction is not stopping anytime soon.  

The Avocado Show is a restaurant located in Amsterdam that is fueling the inner avocado addict. This restaurant has turned such a simple fruit into a wide range menu item.

The media will have you to believe that the millennials obsession with avocado will lead to financial ruin and life downfalls. Well that couldn't be any further from the truth.  This versatile fruit that's on everyone's instagram feed is used to the fullest extent at The Avocado Show.


The menu is vegan and pescatarian friendly. With dishes such as the standard avocado toast, vegan pancakes with avocado butter,and a burger served with an avocado bun there's something at this restaurant for everyone.


Only a few doors down, you will find their very own avocado merch store. Some of the goodies are hoodies, towels, and even an avacdo cookbook.

All images: @ Natal Space