Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

By Isaiah Carter 


In a world which constantly pushes the same celebrities on us, the need for an alternative appreciation of creatives is emphasized further. Anora Singletary, stage name Dirty Deity, gives us a glimpse of her day-to-day life and aspirations, and touches on the struggles she faces as a young creative in the competitive New York City industry.

 "I started DJing in 2014. I've always have been a big music lover since I was young, so I knew I wanted to be a DJ or at least find out more about how the music is put together" Anora says about the process that lead her to her career as a Brooklyn-based hip-hop DJ. She recalls Kendrick Lamar's debut album 'To Pimp a Butterfly' and 'Untitled Unmastered' as her go-to albums that inspired her to follow her dreams and to leave a positive stamp on the world.

Although DJing is both her passion and career, she explains that it's important to be mindful of the work you accept, "pure and free vibes are hard to come by nowadays", she says, "be selective with the gigs you accept." Being comfortable and creating sets she genuinely likes are what makes her job so enjoyable, "I love the people I've met along the way."

Reflecting on her journey, a special moment in her career was her first gig, "it was so cool to be in a space where so many amazing things were happening", Anora says, "people were coming up to me because they liked my sets." Being only 24, she has used her DJing skills and turned it into something she does for a living. Despite this, on the day of a big gig, Anora can still get anxious, "I like to meditate and smoke to get into the right state of mind."  Explaining her dream of DJing in the 90's, she says "I love disco and house but don't get the chance to use it in my sets as much as I'd like." As for right now, DJing somewhere outside of the States is a goal, "somewhere free like Cuba, as I would like to put people onto some American music that I love."

Speaking on issues many of us face today. As a female, she feels as though challenges are present in any industry, "females are generally overlooked, however, in this industry I think it's because of newcomers in the business who just sort of play around with the craft...just doing it to do it, people who happen to have a large following." A huge problem in the creative industry stands to be that of established companies and people taking advantage of their influence and dominating that industry, "They don't have 'the ear'", Anora says, "it causes people to make negative generalizations, especially for female DJs. It also effects money, people sometimes try give you what they feel you deserve instead of what you actually's a problem in the creative world altogether", she says.

Despite these challenges, Anora remains optimistic. Speaking on her business, The Indigo Guide, she explains her motivation behind creating it, "I wanted to create a platform that showcases Indigo Child talents, as well as my own. My goal is help these creatives find their voice, and eventually open a studio where we can all create together."


Thank you to Anora Singletary for sharing her thoughts about the industry and giving us a glimpse of her life.

You can find her on IG ,Twitter , Soundcloud, as Dirty Deity, and at her website The Indigo Guide.

All images: © Natal Space