Samsung 837

By Isaiah Carter

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Samsung opens a technological playground.

Tucked away in the meatpacking district of New York City and named after the street 837 Washington you'll find an unusual store from Samsung. Unlike a regular retail store Samsung 837, displays a digital fun-house that’ll resemble a sci-fi movie.

The Screen 
Within the middle of the store lays a giant LED screen, using the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge phone a photo is taken of you and is displayed on the screen using mosaic images. You’ll feel famous for about 2 minutes before the image is then switched to the next person. You can sit down in the theater and observe your own image and others. 



 Social Galaxy
Soon your restless legs will guide you to the social media interactive tunnel better known as Social Galaxy. As you stand on line to enter the tunnel you are required to wear shoe covering and also enter your Instagram username into the outside Galaxy phone. After doing so you enter the tunnel and are surrounded by a mixture of mirrors on one side and small screens on the other, displaying every photo that’s on your Instagram profile. The little voice in the tunnel that you hear isn’t the one in your head, it’s a computer reading your captions and hashtags. It’s a fun experience that really details how far social media and interactive technology has come. The images presented in the tunnel last for around 5 minutes as they are shifted from the start to the end of the tunnel.

Virtual Reality Tunnel
The store still has much to offer as it has additional interactive features. This time it’s a VR tunnel. The line isn’t very long and within less than three minutes you are able to be seated and fitted with the VR gear. The video takes you on a short helicopter ride in the arctic. The viewer is able to look around and see how far they are above the ground and the endless snowy terrain. It’ll leave you wanting to enjoy the ride longer as the video ends in under three minutes. 


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Stand Coffee
The upstairs section of the store features a workshop to repair any of your samsung devices and Stand Coffee which has become known at Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg. With a great selection of doughnuts to breakfast burritos to coffee, it’s the perfect location to go to if you need a break from all of the wonders located downstairs. 

The Samsung 837 store is a great location for the meatpacking district. It allows one to experience an entirely new approach to retail therapy. One can only dream of the next technological breakthrough that will soon be added to the store. 



All images: © Natal Space