The Netherlands is a well known country with much to offer. For those who plan to vacation here, there is something for everyone. 

Below are three places each with their own distinct features.



With Amsterdam being the most well known and therefore populated mainly with tourists, naturally, it is the busiest city with a metropolitan feel. There are coffeeshops and cafes dotted around, as well as shopping districts. The canals outline almost every block of the city, making boat rides a popular activity, both relaxing and cheap. Featured in the city is the famous Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum which are favorites for those who want to have a cultural experience. Make sure to book the Anne Frank in well in advanced to avoid disappointment.



One of the great things about The Netherlands is the cycling culture. If this is something you want to make the most of, Delft is a town one can cycle to from The Hague. As a small, traditional Dutch town, it offers ease for those who want to cycle somewhere quiet while simultaneously allowing you to experience The Netherlands in a place away from the city. Getting to Delft on a train from Amsterdam is also an option for those based there. Traditional cafes surround the area, as well as the beautiful canals, making it a perfect town to relax for the day.



Last but not least, Rotterdam is a small city not far from Amsterdam with a unique architecture. One of the famous sites for this is the Cube House. These are featured houses located in the southern part of the city and are guest are even offered a walk through. The Markthal Rotterdam offers some of the best traditional Dutch food as well as other cuisines. The nightlife caters to relaxed evenings drinking beer to techno clubs. Cycles aren't as widely available to rent here as in Amsterdam, so make sure to locate them before visiting!

All images: © Rhiannon Montgomery