By Rhiannon Montgomery



Explore the diverse beauty Ibiza has to offer.

Ibiza,  a popular European Island, is one of the few luxury destinations that attracts people of all ages. The two major towns on the island, San Antonio and Eivissa (old town), are the areas you will most likely find yourself during a trip you take here.

You'll find that the Island's high popularity and diverse tourism can come with equally high prices, which creates an illusion that you need a hefty budget to vacation here. However, aside from the extortionate super club prices and fancy beach-side restaurants, Ibiza has a lot to offer for those who aren't willing to splash out on luxury activities. 

One of the main attractions of the San Antonio side of the island is the 'sunset strip', occupied by the famous Café Mambo and Café del Mar, where the Island's sun sets and disappears behind the Mediterranean sea. Of course, the best table views of the sunset come with conditions of a minimum spend. However, inner-seating of the strip's restaurants still offer sunset views, where there's no food and drink restrictions and can take drinks down to the beach steps for an equally-amazing view.

Although the drinks were slightly pricey, at an average of €11, the view and the atmosphere more than make up for it.

For those who like to relax, there's the main beach next to the San Antonio port. Trips to more secluded beaches are available from as little as €5 each way. You can also find a €16 boat trip that took you around the coast, showing cliff-top mansions and a cave-enclosed aquarium. 

The other side of the Island, as you may have guessed, is great for seeing a more quaint and authentic side to Ibiza. It's no secret that old town is known for being picturesque and historic, as it filled with photo-worthy scenes throughout. Eivissa can be reached by a local bus from San Antonio (L3 or L8) in under thirty minutes, for just €2 each way. 

There is a pathway that takes you right to the top of the town, where an amazing view of the landscape can be found. 

Also here are many of the famous super-clubs, including Pacha and Ushuaïa. Unlike San Antonio, Eivissa offers a wider range of clothing stores and other shopping. Along the port and throughout the centre of the town, there are many restaurants and quaint cafes to choose from. Although this side of the island can be more expensive, day trips here are always an option.

As a whole, Ibiza offers the best of both worlds in that it has something for everyone which those with limited budgets can enjoy.

All images: © Natal Space