By Isaiah Carter



A country filled with natural scenery and rich in history.


Located in the Northern part of the United Kingdom lies Scotland, a country filled with natural scenery and rich in history. Most of the cities in this country are located in the lowlands, two of the well-known ones are Glasgow and Edinburgh.  



Glasgow has the largest economy in Scotland and you can tell by how vibrant the city center is. The busiest time to see the city would have to be during the Christmas season. But that shouldn’t deter one from visiting in a month like December as the city offers a Christmas Market in two locations.  The locations are St. Enoch and George Square which both in the downtown area and roughly ten minutes apart. Buchanan Street offers a variety of clothing shops that a tourist might be familiar with and also shops that specialize in tartan. Recently opening in Glasgow is End Clothing which many streetwear buyers will recognize.




The architecture has a mix of 19th century Victorian era, Glasgow Style that was designed by Charles Mackintosh, and Modern era. This gives the city a more distinct look than any you’ll find in the U.K. One of the many bridges in Glasgow that one should visit is called the Tradeston Bridge. It is a bridge primarily used by pedestrians. The bridge was built resembling a curved S and has earned the nickname of the squiggly bridge. 

The dishes in Scotland are extremely diverse and unique to the land and the country history. Some of the dishes are Cullen skink, scotch pie, lorne sausage, and the most daring dish is the haggis. The local fish and chip shops which are common in the U.K. will sell fried haggis. It's a modern take on the traditional dish.

Edinburgh is the second most popular tourist attraction in the U.K. and just by touring the city, one would know why.  With a location along the eastern coast of Scotland, the city has a maritime climate.  Historic buildings fill the city and some were built back in the 12th century.



The sites in Edinburgh are fairly close by and one can visit all within an hour or two. As soon as one enters the city they will notice Edinburgh Castle. This castle was built by David I of Scotland and was used as a site of residence until the 16th century.  The Castle is seated on a large volcanic plug. Within the castle visitors can visit old prisoner cells and catch a beautiful view of Edinburgh.  

Right outside of the castle is Old Town, a part of the city that has kept it's 15th century architecture. A historic marketplace located in Old Town is called Grassmarket. This marketplace was host to public executions. With many sites to see in Edinburgh, one of the most amazing sights is Calton Hill. A mountain which is accessible to climb and overlooks the entire city from the east.  



The country of Scotland has much to offer from the natural sights to the local pubs and the experience of viewing such wonders are enough to be place the country on the top of your visiting list. 



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